Are you like me? Are you obsessed with cinema? Well don’t worry you are not alone. Sitting in front of a TV (no matter how big the screen), is just not the same as sitting in a historic, memory filled cinema that has been home to so many great movies, and been the source of pleasure for so many cinema goers.

I like many of you, have an obsession with the cinema and i can think of nothing better than watching movies in one, and talking about movies, I love old movies, new movies, movie quotes and the history of the buildings that are being remodelled and replaced.

History of the Cinema

Film began it’s life in the 1880’s when movie cameras were first invented. Originally films were novelties for the public attending carnivals. Movies began as silent and black & white until the late 1930’s when talkies began.

The cinema or movie theater was the only way to get film in front of the public in the absence of television. Movies and cinema have continued to be the most popular visual entertainment since.

But now the cinema has a lot more competition in the entertainment world. Film is available to anyone with a DVD, TV or internet connection. Film can be watched on a wide range of devices that take it away from TV and cinema. Now we can watch film and TV on the internet using phones, tablets, computers and laptops.

But still there is a magic that only the cinema brings, although many believe it has gone. When i visit the cinema, like many people i can escape. There is a magical quality that film brings. A release from the drudgery of everyday life and we can see our fantasies and dreams come to life on a big screen. It is a place where everything is possible. From heading into space, visiting fabled lands and walking with dinosaurs.

And cinema brings people back together and closer. We all remember going to the movies with a friend, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, parents or alone.

This website will bring back memories of the magic of film and cinema. We will collect classic scenes, talk about the best cinemas and theaters in the world and recommend what films are best on the big screen.

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